Avalon College
Avalon College is included with the Kepler program, and the first 27 are available online at www.astrocollege.com, and will soon be available on this web site as well.

Given below is the firts 27 curriculum of Avalon College:

1st week:
Class 1: What is Astrology?
Class 2: What's Out There? (Part I)

2nd week:
Class 3: What's Out There? (Part II)
Class 4: How Do Astrologers Interpret This Stuff?

3rd week:
Class 5: What is a Natal Chart?
Class 6: The Natal Chart Wheel: Houses

4th week:
Class 7: The Natal Chart Wheel: Zodiac Signs on the House Cusps
Class 8: Practice Determining Sign and House Placements

5th week:
Class 9: Aspects
Class 10: The Aspect Grid

6th week:
Class 11: The Basic Meanings of the Planets, Zodiac Signs and Houses
Class 12: Interpreting the Birth Chart (Introduction)

7th week:
Class 13: Analyzing the Strongest Aspects (Part I)
Class 14: Analyzing the Strongest Aspects (Part II)

8th week:
Class 15: Analyzing the Chart of Another Famous Person
Class 16: Outer Versus Inner Planets

9th week:
Class 17: The Asc and MC
Class 18: The Moon's Nodes

10th week:
Class 19: Other Aspects (Trines, Sextiles, Quincunxes) (Part I)
Class 20: Other Aspects (Trines, Sextiles, Quincunxes) (Part II)

11th week:
Class 21: Test! (today's class is a test only)
Class 22: The Rising Sign (Part I)

12th week:
Class 23: The Rising Sign (Part II)
Class 24: Element Balance

13th week:
Class 25: Zodiac Sign Rulerships
Class 26: Natural Zodiac Sign of a House

14th week:
Class 27: House Systems

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